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Galt continues to innovate – leading the way in state-of-the-art medical device development.

Founded in 1991, Galt Medical Corp., headquartered in Garland, Texas, designs, develops, manufactures, and markets disposable medical devices. The primary area of interest is products for Vascular Access for both adult and pediatric patients. Focusing on Interventional Radiology, Interventional Cardiology, EP, and Vascular Surgery, we are also a main supplier of Micro-Access/MST kits and PICC lines to the nursing community.

In August 2006, Galt was acquired by Theragenics Corporation (TGX). In late October 2013, Theragenics completed a merger with Juniper Acquisition Corporation, an affiliate of Juniper Investment Company, LLC.

Theragenics Corporation operates two business segments: our surgical products business and our brachytherapy seed business.

Our surgical products business manufactures and distributes vascular access, specialty needle, and wound closure products.

  • Vascular access products ( include introducers, guidewires and related products.

  • Specialty needle products ( include coaxial, biopsy, spinal and disposable veress needles, access trocars, radiofrequency devices, implanters, introducer products, and other needle-based products.

  • Wound closure products ( include sutures, needles and other surgical products.

Our brachytherapy business ( manufactures, custom loads, markets and distributes "seeds" used primarily in the minimally invasive treatment of localized prostate cancer.

Galt Medical is FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified. This demonstrates that we have documented and implemented a quality system, and that we assure the consistent quality that our customers demand.

Galt is proud of its nation-wide sales network and the ability to maintain the highest level of customer service. Galt has provided the highest quality products for over 22 years, and will continue to introduce new technology to the interventional market. We invite new ideas and look forward to partnering with you on the next generation of interventional products.

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