In need of a proven, reliable product for your sales team? GaltNeedleTech™ offers a variety of products available with a custom private label.

Tearaway Introducer Kits and Sets

We’re proud to be an original designer of a tearaway sheath featuring a smooth transition and funnel-shaped entry.

  • Available in full kits or individual sets
  • Smooth transition
  • Funnel-shaped lead-in
  • Available in multiple lengths and French sizes

Micro-Access/MST Introducer Kits

Designed for smaller access site

  • 3cm, 5cm, 7cm and 10cm lengths with some half-sized configurations
  • Smooth transition
  • Easy, secure locking system
  • Unique wing design
  • Funnel-shaped lead-in

Pediatric MST Products

A line of vascular access products designed for smaller patients and smaller vessels

  • 2Fr x 3cm and 3Fr x 3cm tearaway introducers
  • Available individually or in complete MST Kit
  • 24ga x 2.5cm and 24ga x 4cm needles

Valved Introducer Kits and Sets

Designed for ease of use and consistent performance.

  • Ergonomic design with smooth transition
  • Easy, secure dilator locking mechanism
  • Hemostatic valve
  • PTFE material allowing for consistent peel
  • Available with and without side-port

Micro-Introducer Kits and Sets

Galt’s Micro-Introducer Kits with smooth transition, 4 and 5 French sizes and Nitinol and stainless wire configurations available.

Stiffen Micro-Introducer System

A reinforced micro-introducer system to facilitate smooth entry into difficult vessels.

Bariatric Micro-Introducer System

Designed for accessing larger patients. Featuring a 15cm stiffen micro-introducer with 19cm dilator and a 12cm introducer needle.

Micro-Introducer System with Side Holes

Designed with side holes for maximum flow.

Specialty Guidewires

  • .014", .018", .035" and .038" diameters
  • Angled tips, length markings, floppy tips
  • Nitinol and stainless wires up to 300cm in length
  • TORX™ transitionless kink-resistant wire

Valved Sheaths

  • Reduce steps and inventory with an all-in-one sheath system
  • Smooth transition
  • 5.5cm and 12cm lengths available
  • Radiopaque band available
  • .018”, .035” and .038” sizes available

Bone Marrow Aspiration Needle

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Large holes for maximum marrow aspiration
  • Patented stainless steel strike feature
  • Sharp cutting edges
  • Centimeter depth marks available


Percutaneous Entry Thin-wall Needles

  • 18ga, 19ga, 21ga and 24ga
  • 4cm and 7cm
  • Needle bevel indicator
  • Standard or echogenic


  • Accepting a .038" diameter guidewire
  • The 4Fr dilator accepts a .035" guidewire
  • 4 to 16Fr, 18cm length

For more information on Private Label, please contact us.