About Us


Galt Medical Corp. has been a leading provider of vascular and interventional medical devices for over 30 years, developing and manufacturing a range of products for interventional procedures.  We offer products private labeled to medical device OEMs and Galt branded to clinicians worldwide through a network of distributors.  Our regulatory, customer service, engineering, and marketing teams are located in our Garland, Texas headquarters, with manufacturing done both at our Garland location and in Costa Rica. Clinicians in six continents use Galt products for a range of Interventional Radiology, Interventional Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, and IV Therapy procedures.

Galt products are widely recognized by our OEM customers and clinicians for their high quality design, consistency, reliability, and value.
Galt Medical Corp. is FDA registered, ISO 13485:2016, EN/ISO 13485:2016, Directive 93/42/EEC certified.

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Galt Medical Corp. is All About Access. Our focus is providing reliable, quality access products to our customers that sets the stage for each case.

  • MicroIntroducers/Coaxial sheaths
  • Specialty Guidewires
  • Tearaway Introducers
  • Valved Introducers
  • Valved Tearaway Introducers
  • Centesis Catheters
  • Accessories including Dilators, Needles, Torque Devices, Valve Adapters, Stylets


  • 1991, Galt Medical Corp. founded.
  • In June 2006, Galt relocated to a facility more than twice the square footage of the previous facility to allow for anticipated growth.
  • In August 2006, Galt was acquired by Theragenics Corporation. Theragenics Corporation® is a medical device company serving the cancer treatment and surgical markets.
  • In late October 2013, Theragenics completed a merger with Juniper Acquisition Corporation, and affiliate of Juniper Investment Company, LLC.
  • In 2014, an additional manufacturing facility in Costa Rica opened to duplicate lines, expand capacity, and increase efficiency.

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Galt provides custom products and associated design services to a range of large and small medical device companies. Projects range from exclusive, minor modifications of existing Galt products for an OEM partner, to unique products based on an OEM’s requirements or specifications. Our manufacturing capabilities include, but are not limited to: tipping, forming, shaping, injection molding, hot stamping, hole punching, markings, assembly, packaging, tooling, and rapid prototyping/3D printing. Galt also provides regulatory support to many of its contract manufacturing customers.


We understand the importance of responsiveness and how it impacts timing of projects. Our dedicated project teams work with you from concept to final product. Your success is our success. Our customer service team is responsive and available to assist customers live each day with a service first priority. Our sales network is global and local, to provide expert service and knowledge.


We listen and work closely with our end user and OEM customers to make sure our products delight and address real patient and partner needs. Our products are developed through deep engagement with many clinicians and/or customer engineering teams. While many of our products serve broad markets and utilize our high-volume manufacturing capabilities, we are proud that several of our products address underserved, niche applications.

One such example is our Microslide® product family that gives pediatric and neonatal clinicians a tool they need to better treat patients, streamline cases, and reduce costs. Galt developed the Microslide with support from a dedicated team of clinicians seeking smaller tearaways, guidewires, and needles for their pediatric patients. They were frustrated that existing products used for pediatric and neonatal access were too large. Galt developed and launched the Microslide family of products, indicated for pediatric and neonatal use, to great appreciation from the dedicated clinicians that serve these patients.

For additional OEM opportunities, please visit our sister companies:

NeedleTech Products, Inc., located in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, is a leading medical contract manufacturer providing a wide range of custom specialty needles, cannulas, stylets, and similar steel components, along with advanced overmolding capability. Serving markets including Interventional Radiology, Interventional Oncology, Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Pharma, and Spine, NeedleTech provides components and finished devices to many of the top medical device companies worldwide. For further information, please visit www.needletech.com.

Concert Medical has over 30 years experience designing, developing and manufacturing interventional guidewires for the world’s largest medical device companies. Employing over 60 medical device professionals at our GMP and ISO compliant facility in Norwell, Massachusetts, the Concert Medical engineering team will support your Interventional Guidewire new product development, new process development, equipment design & build and manufacturing needs. Whether a Concert Medical 510(k) registered guidewire design, a custom design or a collaborative effort, Concert Medical has staked its reputation on the inherent quality built into every guidewire we manufacture. For further information, please visit www.concertmedical.com.

Arrotek Medical specialize in assisting leading medical device organisations and medical device entrepreneurs bridge the gap between concept and market. Located in the heart of the European Medical device hub in the West of Ireland, Arrotek have the ISO complaint clean-room facilities and engineering expertise required to design, develop and manufacture medical devices for functional evaluation and clinical builds. Arrotek’s experienced regulatory team support their clients in bringing to market products which are fully compliant with CE, FDA or other requirements. For further information, please visit www.arrotek.com.

Theragenics was founded in 1981 and quickly became a global leader in the manufacture of radioactive brachytherapy seeds for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. We began diversifying operations in 2005 by acquiring CP Medical, Inc., and have continued to expand with the acquisitions of Galt Medical Corp., NeedleTech Products, Inc., Concert Medical, and Arrotek. For further information, please visit www.theragenics.com.