Conductor Workhorse Guidewire

A frontline, workhorse 0.014″ guidewire used during Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) procedures. Our products are precision engineered and have been developed specifically for tight lesions, complex navigation, and difficult approaches.

  • Core-to-Tip Design: A PTFE-coated stainless steel solid core design offers superior tactile feedback and continuous force transmission from proximal end to distal tip.
  • CenteRing Corewire Technology: Engineered to keep the corewire consistently centered within the coil, offering true 1:1 torque, outstanding trackability and smooth steerability.
  • Gold Alloy Bonds: Gold alloy bonds: provide a re-enforced strength and connection between the core the coil tip, augmenting 1:1 torque and tactile feedback.
  • Effortless Tip Shapeability and Retention: After shaping, Conductor wires facilitate easy straightening and reshaping due to unique technology.
  • PTFE/Hydrophilic Coating: Proprietary hydrophilic technology coats the entire distal 24cms of the wire, assisting with trackability without compromising the properties of the flexible tip.
  • A PTFE-coated proximal shaft with a distal nonjacketed bare coil maintains the tactile feedback of the core and assists with torque transmission.
  • Shaft markers at 90cm & 100cm and 3cm palladium tip facilitate the reduction of X-ray exposure to the patient and staff.