Radial Hemostasis Valve Introducers

The transitionless radial introducer sheath is designed for precise access, smooth entry, and consistent performance. Featuring transitionless, kink-resistant,* hydrophilic sheath properties, combined with a premium guidewire and needle, the kit provides the tools needed for successful, atraumatic radial access.

  • Hydrophilic Coating: Aides in insertion to reduce the chance of spasm in the radial artery.
  • Transitionless Design: 23% less insertion force vs a comparable sheath.*
  • Kink-Resistant: 39% more kink-resistant vs a comparable sheath.*
  • Variety of Guidewires: Including Nitinol or stainless-steel core with stainless steel or gold tips.
  • 21G Needle: Kits include a premium extra sharp 21G x 2.5cm needle designed for precision and feature a bevel indicator on the hub.

*1:1 simulated data on file


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