Many hand-held medical devices require some form of tube or wire, either machined or fabricated. We offer a wide variety of capabilities to help support the production of these components.

Below is a general list of what we offer:
CNC 5 Access Milling
Automated Swaging
EDM Hole Drilling
Automated End-forming
Laser Engraving
Catheter Tipping
Wire EDM Automated Laser Cutting
Catheter Flaring
ECG Notching/Grinding
Laser Feature Creation
Catheter Hole Drilling
ECG Cutting
Automated Laser Welding
Automated Grit Blasting
Leak Testing
Ultrasonic Welding
Full Length Grit Blasting
Conical Grinding
Tube/Wire Bending
Ball Welding
Automated Buffing
Manual Buffing

In addition to the list above, GaltNeedleTech also offers:
Aqueous Cleaning, Vacuum Cycle Nucleation (VCN) System,
Electropolishing, Citric Passivation (automatic),
Pouch and Blister Tray Sealers for Sterile Products,
Various Surface Treatments, Heat Shrink.

If you don’t see what you want on the list, we may be able to utilize one of our qualified partners. Please call or email us your inquiry.