GaltNeedleTech has an impressive Molding Department, complemented by a Design Group, Plastics Engineering and a Support Tool Room. We possess 21 Vertical Insert injection molding machines ranging from 10-50 ton presses. Most work performed within the Molding Department involves the insert molding of Luer Hubs onto either needles or catheters. Due to an ever-increasing demand for such services, this department, which utilizes state-of-the-art machines and material handling equipment, is constantly expanding. Custom Products comprise the majority of what is molded each day, although our customers often choose to utilize one of the many standard Luer hub designs that GaltNeedleTech has to offer.

Our Design and Engineering groups are always working on a multitude of new programs, supporting our customer’s molding and device requirements. New plastic components are typically an integral part of a larger program and, as such, need design support, functional testing and failure analysis. New molds receive a complete document package including product and tool drawings. Additionally, mold validations are conducted per customer protocol.

If you are interested in seeing a sample of one of our products, please call or email us your inquiry.