The Product Assembly Group is where everything comes together and it is where solid design and careful component manufacturing create a robust Finished Device.

We utilize a multitude of assembly techniques including mechanical assembly, adhesive bonding, ultrasonic welding, RF welding, laser welding and soldering. Product Assembly is also where final decorating happens. Devices can be laser engraved or hot stamped. As a matter of course, all of our finished devices go through rigorous inspection prior to packaging.

Your device may fit nicely into our standard packaging and sterility cycles or we can provide a custom solution. Utilize our Tyvek® pouch with print-on pouch capability. Take advantage of our thermal pre-form tray loading and sealing. Whatever your packaging needs, you can be assured your device will be assembled, packaged, labeled and sterilized utilizing the highest industry standards.

If you are interested in seeing a sample of one of our packaged products, please call or email us your inquiry.